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Zhengzuan successfully passed the National Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise review

November 24, 2021
On November 8th, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Economic and Industry jointly released the list of the third batch of single champions in manufacturing, and Zhengzuan was listed again.This award is the second laurel Zhengzuan gained, after Zhengzuan had became the first National Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise on November 1st,2018.
The National Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise successfully passed, which enhanced Zhengzuan’s confidence in the global market competition. And it strengthened Zhengzuan’s determination and courage to explore technological innovation. Zhengzuan will insist excellence, make perfection more perfect, take the responsibility of domestic cutting tool benchmarking demonstration.
Keeping pace with the development of the manufacturing industry, Zhengzuan helps upgrade and transform the automobile, energy and other industries. In recent years, Zhengzuan continues to increase investment in research and development, and has undertaken the development of new production line tool technology solutions for many large and medium-sized state-owned users, providing benchmarking products for users to help users achieve cost reduction and upgrade.
Under the new situation, Zhengzuan has standard characteristic management, through equipment standard, technology standard, technical standards, inspection standards, service standards assign for the enterprise, enhance the brand quality of Zhengzuan, performance and comprehensive experience of field application. With the technology innovation, stable quality and excellent service, Zhengzuan will create value in the field of high precision manufacturing.
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