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The Seventh Symposium on Technology and Application of Super hard cutting tools held by Zheng zuan was successfully held

September 13, 2018

On September 6, Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully held the Seventh Seminar on the Technology and Application of Super hard cutting tools in the ancient city of Xi'an. "the power of condensing tools helps the potential of aviation"-this seminar focuses on the discussion of efficient tool schemes in the aerospace industry, through the introduction and sharing of aviation cutting tool products and tool machining cases. to bring more tool information and application experience to aviation tool users.

At the meeting, Yang Yafei, head of the company's Applied Technology Department, gave a detailed explanation on the efficient cutting tools for aviation parts and the assembly tools for aviation parts. This paper mainly introduces the machining environment of aviation aluminum alloy high speed milling, aviation aluminum, titanium alloy hole machining, CFRP material high efficiency cutting environment, tool structure design idea and the improvement and evolution of PCD hole drilling tool for carbon fiber material hole machining. In order to give the attendees a more detailed understanding of the application of these aviation tool products, Lei Bin, a senior engineer of aviation cutting tools, takes the aviation hole machining case and milling case as the starting point. Typical cases such as carbon fiber drilling hole, carbon fiberboard rivet assembly hole drilling, titanium alloy high efficiency milling, superalloy high efficiency milling and honeycomb material high efficiency milling are listed respectively. Combined with the application practice, the new concept of cutting edge passivation and white edge of aeronautical metal materials is put forward openly, which aroused the thinking and attention of the attendees.

As a face-to-face exchange discussion of end-users, this conference set up a special area to display the latest series of aviation cutting tools, and the application engineer gave technical explanations for the guests on the spot. In the final tool technical solution exchange link, Zhengzuan tool application engineer conducted on-site analysis and diagnosis of the tool selection and use problems raised by the user guests, and gave constructive solutions and suggestions, highlighting the central significance of the exchange and discussion of this meeting.
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